Gondrezick’s Absence Compounds WVU Roster Woes

Gondrezick’s Absence Compounds WVU Roster Woes

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Not to have been missed on the cover of West Virginia University’s opening game program distributed to the fans was the smiling face of Kysre Gondrezick, who at the time the cover was designed was penciled in to replace the graduated Chania Ray as Mike Carey’s point guard.

There were high hopes for her, a Michigan transfer who sat out last season due to NCAA transfer rules, and why not?

Kysre Gondrezick

She had Big Ten All-Freshman honors, leading all Big Ten freshmen in scoring with 14.9 points a game while averaging 3.6 rebounds. She scored in double figures 24 times in 33 games and six times was named the Big Ten Freshman of the Week.

She came with all the necessary tools to make it a smooth transition at the point, including a family basketball heritage of a father, Grant, having played at Pepperdine and in the NBA, and in a mother, Lisa, who won a national championship at Louisiana Tech.

And that says nothing of her sister, Kalabrya, who plays at Michigan State.

But just before WVU took the court to wipe out Coppin State, 78-37, WVU passed around a press release that revealed she was away from the team “attending to a personal matter.”

There was no mention of what that personal matter might be and that was that.

“The WVU Athletics Department will have no further comments on the situation” it issued.

In other words, don’t ask.

Fair enough. Personal matters are personal for a reason, but as the night wore on you got the idea that she might miss more than a game or two.

No, she wasn’t suspended. She had taken a leave of absence.

The problem is that it doesn’t sound, from the way Carey spoke, like she’s going to be back any time soon, if at all.

He has eight active players on his roster right now.

N.C. State transfer Lucky Rudd won’t become eligible to play until the completion of the fall semester and the Mountaineers are also hoping that Penn State transfer De’Janae Boykin will be cleared by the NCAA to play during the second semester.

“We’re trying to look into some other situations to get people in here,” Carey admitted.

Not that he isn’t used to dealing with small numbers.

“It seems like deja vu,” he said, a year ago opening the season with eight players also.

That’s almost half the complement of 15 scholarship players you can carry but he has one out for the year, this new situation, a player coming eligible in the second semester and hoping that another is approved to compete in the second semester.

“It’s our fault as coaches for not correcting it,” Carey said. “I don’t blame anyone but myself and the coaches. Now, we didn’t know some of this stuff was going to go on, but we still should have had more numbers in here.

“I blame myself because we didn’t do what we needed to do. But I will say this: We will from here on out. Injuries will happen; we can’t control injuries, but I can control numbers.”

Meanwhile, Carey is working on ways to get through with his eight players, starting 2 p.m. Sunday at home against NJIT.

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    Gondrezick’s Absence Compounds WVU Roster Woes MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Not to have been missed on the cover of West Virginia University’s opening game pro
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    8 active players? How does this happen? Such high expectations for this team over the last number of years seem to go down the drain. Couple of injuries and we are in deep trouble.

    Carey has amasses a good W/L record with about 21W’s/yr over his 17 years and almost 24W’s/yr in B12 action. Looking closer the move to the B12 hasn’t been that kind. Finishing T5th first year, then T1st, T7th, 3rd, 6th, 6th the last two years is middle of the pack at best in the B12. Looks like the schedule resembles a PITT program front loaded with weak OOC games to pad the W column.

    Since the move to the B12 we got to the Dance 4 times and not making it out of the 2nd round even in the ’13/’14 year when we T1 in the B12 and 7th in the polls. In the last 6 years of the BE Carey took the team 5 times to the Dance and didn’t make it out of the 2nd round any year.

    Now two years in a row with only 8 active players when there are 15 schollies available? How does a coach let this happen? It’s not like Shane put a lid on the numbers.

    Carey certainly has elevated this program to a much higher level than it has ever been. The 9 years and 3 coaches prior to Carey arriving were in the toilet. Program was a complete dumpster fire. Looking at the trend now we are not getting any better. Even with the hype of some very good recruits this program has become stagnant.

    So….. getting back to the original question …… How do you go two years in a row starting the season with only 8 active players?


    The only thing I would disagree with is that I thought Susan Walvius was a pretty good coach. Leaving it in the hands of Alexis Basile? was a huge mistake.


    She had a great name for a WVU coach WalViUs


    Walvius was a good coach. Better than the coaches before (Harrelson) and after(Basil) her to be sure. Not great, but good. Only here for 2 years then went on to South Carolina and had a mediocre career there in 11 years with just over .500 record. After she left, Staley turned USC into a powerhouse.

    Agree completely with your Basil comment. That was 4 years of torture.


    It seems like every year on paper we are awesome until injuries or other factors weigh in. Very aggrevating

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