Hair “Battle” Enlivens WVU Line During Preseason

Josh Sills

Hair “Battle” Enlivens WVU Line During Preseason

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Preseason football camps, which open with excitement in anticipation for the upcoming season, often morph into days of repetitive grind. Players on all levels of the game can thus be counted on to look for ways to liven things up, and there’s a match-up brewing in that regard of a pair of epic hairstyles on the West Virginia football team.

It didn’t happen by design, however. It’s more a matter of serendipity, where one player’s established look goes up against another’s newly-unveiled coiffure in a battle in the trenches.

West Virginia defensive lineman Ezekiel Rose

First, the background. WVU defensive lineman Ezekiel Rose has displayed varying colors of hair during his time with the Mountaineers. Ranging from bright golds and yellows to more subdued blues and purples, Rose dyes the ends of his dreads in various hues — a reflection of his outgoing and fun personality. Without question, his tonsorial look was the leader in the locker room, until he caught sight of offensive lineman Josh Sills recently.

“I saw him coming down the hall and I said ‘Whoa’,” Rose explained. “What is that he’s got going on?”

“It’s just kind of ‘go with the flow’ I guess,” said Sills of his retro-mullet. “I just kind of wanted to do it, I guess. There’s nothing really behind it. I just went with it.  I’m going to let it [grow].”

Rose is more thoughtful with his style, spending about 45 minutes every time he changes the color scheme. He has assistance in doing so, noting that he didn’t want to do anything to permanently damage his hair. Sills, likewise, got assistance in bleaching the waterfall in back, and both complimented the skills of their stylists.

“I had my girlfriend do it,” Sills revealed. “She said, ‘it’s your hair,’ so she wasn’t against it. I won’t be helping her with her hair, though.”

Even though neither was making any particular statement with their unconventional styles, the comparison has set up what could be a fun battle. Which one is better? Or, in a more football-related vein, which player would win were they to square off in the one-on-one “bull-in-the-pen” drill that’s often used to get the juices flowing in the early part of full-contact practices? And more importantly, would the hair be on the line?

“We haven’t gone up against each other yet,” Rose said with a big smile before delivering an all-in-fun zinger. “Mine would win all day, though.”

West Virginia offensive lineman Josh Sills

OK, so there probably won’t be a follicle-take-all showdown, with the loser being forced to relinquish his signature look. Both Rose and Sills had great fun in describing their hair and the reactions to it, and it may have provided a bit of a respite as the preseason moves on. Perhaps more importantly it could serve as a marker for a team that appears to be strongly bonded, and which is finding fun in the process of preparing for the season.

As for their future styling plans, Rose, who has had his in place much longer, said he is getting ready to go to a gold and blue half-and-half scheme (“the season’s almost here, gotta get ready”) while Sills plans on letting it grow to unknown lengths. The bottom of the helmet length is just the beginning, and he indicated other modifications could also be forthcoming.

It will be interesting to see just how far the styles might progress by season’s end. And if the Mountaineers get on a winning streak, there’s no way either going to mess with any good mojo their style choices might have created.

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Home Page forums Hair “Battle” Enlivens WVU Line During Preseason