Holgorsen Mentioned In Connection For Texas Tech, Other Head Coaching Jobs

Holgorsen Mentioned In Connection For Texas Tech, Other Head Coaching Jobs

Let the carousel, and the rumor mill, begin.

West Virginia head football coach Dana Holgorsen has been mentioned prominently in connection with the open position at Texas Tech, which became vacant when Kliff Kingsbury was fired on Sunday after six seasons at the helm.

“We’ve had one of the most prolific offenses in the nation,”  Texas Tech Athletic Director Kirby Hocutt said according to the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, “and we still sit here today with a losing record over the past six years. You’ve got to have three phases in this game, and they’ve got to be able to complement one another. When you have challenges on one side of the football during a given Saturday, you’ve got to be able to (make up for) that on the opposite side and your special teams. We’ve got to be a well-rounded football team. You cannot be one-dimensional and have success in this league.”

West Virginia head coach Dana Holgorsen relaxes before beginning the interview rounds.

That would not seem, at first blush, to be something that Holgorsen or Mike Leach, another prominent candidate, would be suited to fix off the bat. Both, like Tech, earned their way to head coaching spots on the strength of their offensive acumen. Still, both are remembered fondly for their time in Lubbock. Holgorsen spent eight years with the Red Raiders as an assistant, serving from 2000-04 as inside receivers coach before moving up to a co-offensive coordinator spot from 2005-07. Leach was the Tech head coach from 2000-09, when he was fired after allegations of mistreatment of a player suffering from concussion-like symptoms. Ugly court battles ensued, but apparently donors remembering the success of the decade are making a push for Leach.

Holgorsen is currently under contract at West Virginia through 2021, with a total compensation package rising from $3.7 million to $4 million over that span. Were he to choose to leave, he would owe West Virginia $2.5 million if he departed before the end of the 2018 calendar year, or $1 million thereafter. (Were WVU to fire Holgorsen, it would owe him a prorated percentage of $3 million if fired in 2018, plus 60% of his remaining scheduled compensation, minus any money he earned for football related duties. If fired in 2019, only the 60% payout applies. Thus, in either instance, the dollar amounts involved would not appear to be a serious stumbling block.)

Kingsbury will reportedly receive a $4 million buyout.

Holgorsen has also been mentioned in connection with other open coaching spots around the country, but the interest appears to be less serious than that emanating from Texas Tech. In some instances, representatives of coaches will float their names in connection with jobs in order to keep their clients’ profiles higher, although that is not confirmed in this case.

Holgorsen is requried to notify WVU Athletic Director Shane Lyons before he or any representative begins talks concerning other coaching positions.

Kingsbury finished his six year Tech career at 35-40, including a 19-35 mark in the Big 12. Holgorsen is  61-40 overall at West Virginia, and 33-30 against Big 12 foes through eight seasons.

The Red Raiders reached just three bowl games in Kingsbury’s tenure, going 1-2. West Virginia  has reached six bowls in Holgorsen’s tenure, and will add to that total this year. He is just 2-4 in that span, with losses in the Pinstripe, Liberty, Russell Athletic and Heart of Dallas minor bowls offsetting his signature 2012 Orange Bowl win.

Following a tie for first in the Big East Conference in his initial year at WVU, Holgorsen’s teams have finished in ties for second, third, fourth (twice), fifth (twice) and seventh in the Big 12. Kingsbury’s best finish in the league was a tie for fifth.

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    Holgorsen Mentioned In Connection For Texas Tech, Other Head Coaching Jobs Let the carousel, and the rumor mill, begin. West Virginia head football co
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    I would not be disappointed to see him go. Might be that he time for a mutual agreement that it’s time for a change. It might cause a temporary hick up for WV, but also is an opportunity to find someone who can break through to the top of the conference now and again.


    I would just caution everybody: Be careful what you wish for.

    Doing a re-set if often disastrous. Look at Nebraska, Tennessee, Arkansas, UCLA, Texas after Mack Brown, etc.

    I personally am okay with giving Holgorsen a few more years at least.


    I hope he stays. But what worries me right now is the effect this could have on recruiting if the uncertainty about his status continues for a long period of time. Our recruiting class so far is pretty average. I’d hate to see it become less than average. If DH wants to leave, I hope he makes a decision soon.


    I sense that people who are indifferent are young and have a much more narrow perspective . I started attending Mountaineer football games in 1961 and have only missed 5 home games since then. I saw us play in the Southern conference and lose to Richmond . We went independent in 1966 and still could not attract attention to our program. We ran off a Hall of Fame coach because he did not win enough. It was not until Don Nehlen arrived and started winning that we started to get national attention . Now we have moved up the food chain and are consistently in the top twenty. The ” if not now then when crowd” that we listen to on the talk shows (and yes Greg is included in that group think) are full of themselves but not objective. I can answer the ” if not now then when” question. When you get enough good players to match Oklahoma and Texas backups, that’s when. Don used to say that he could challenge Miami’s first 22, but 23 through 44 were problematic . You keep climbing by continuing to recruit better, which Dana has done, winning big games, which he has done and improving the brand, which he has done.


    Thanks for calling me young, haven’t been called that in a very long time. I was around to see Bowden and even Carlen as head coach (though I don’t remember much but the Peach Bowl victory with Carlen). Holgorsen is my least favorite of all of them (that is until Rod’s ego got the best oh him on his way out the door). I’m not even calling for firing HCDH. Just wouldn’t be that upset if he left. Kinda wish he would. Gotta start all over sometime, next year might be a good time for it.


    I’d be a little disappointed to see him go and don’t really know where we wild look for a replacement.

    Campbell at ISU will get looks at a lot of places.

    Gibby isn’t the answer I don’t think.

    Rod would be a disaster.

    PJ Fleck would be a nice fit.


    You are welcome.


    I think if anyone needs to go it’s Gibson. The offense has put plenty of points on the board. Unfortunately, the defense has allowed some teams to score at will.

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