Holgorsen: WVU Offensive Showing ‘Worst In My 30 Years of Coaching’

Holgorsen: WVU Offensive Showing ‘Worst In My 30 Years of Coaching’

AMES, Iowa — West Virginia head coach Dana Holgorsen called it the worst offensive performance he had seen in his 30 years of coaching, and it’s hard to disagree.  The Mountaineers scored just seven points on offense, gained 152 yards and were sacked seven times in a 30-14 loss to Iowa State that was more dominating than the final score indicated.

“We didn’t do anything right,” he said plainly afterward. “We didn’t get off coverage. We didn’t block. We didn’t call good plays. We didn’t do anything.”

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    Holgorsen Postgame AMES, Iowa — West Virginia head coach Dana Holgorsen called it the worst offensive performance he had seen in his 30 years of coac
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    Well then fire yourself Dana….


    I put this one on the WVU offense.

    Line couldn’t block or protect Will.

    Will ran back 10 to 20 yards to try to escape defenders, a terrible thing for a crafty veteran to do.

    Receivers couldn’t get open.

    Players who were slicing and dicing opposing defenses for 1 1/2 seasons suddenly couldn’t beat the Little Sisters of the Poor on offense.

    Hell, the special teams outscored the WVU offense. The blocked punt brought 7 points. WVU offense had a TD but also a safety for a net 5 points. The only WVU TD drive was about 40 yards because the defense intercepted and gave the short field to the offense.

    30 points of defense, despite being on the field way longer than the Iowa State defense, should win nearly every Big 12 game.

    I put this one 95% on the offense. The other 5% didn’t lose the game. If the offense had done as well as the defense, which didn’t have a super game, WVU would have won easily.

    I’ve been in Florida for a week visiting my love, and in morning ever since the Iowa State game ended. To quote Hillary’s book: “What the Hell happened?”

    The coaching staff and the players have 12 days to resurrect this season. Since Montgomery and Purdy, who gave WVU fits with the offense (but not as severely as the Iowa State defense did to the WVU offense), haven’t been together till lately I’m curious to see if the Cyclones and knock off Texas and Oklahoma and put WVU back in the Big 12 title chase … but only if the offensive line gets its act together.

    Hopefully, this was a one-off game. If not, then horrible flashbacks of Geno Smith’s 5-0 start and #5 ranking that turned into a 7-6 season are keeping me awake a night. That’s a history I don’t want to see repeated.

    We’ll find out against Baylor and Texas if the WVU season is the Titanic or a Lazarus rising from the dead. I’m hoping for a Resurrection.

    M agnificent Grier passes shredded Tennessee, 40-14
    O verhelmed drenched Youngstown, 52-17
    U nable to play North Carolina State because of Hurricane Florence
    N asty defense against Kansas State, 35-6
    T errific, then timid on offense against Texas Tech, 42-34
    A ntsy time for fans, vs. Kansas!, 38-22
    I ncomprehensible, indescribably inept offense against Iowa State, 30-14
    N ail Baylor
    E rectile dysfunction Texas
    E lectrify TCU
    R eam Oklahoma State
    S laughter Oklahoma


    You can’t blame everything on the Offense. Defense has been suspect the last 3 games.
    Gave up 34 to TT. That was a pretty good team, but giving up 34 to any team isn’t where you want to be. We gave up 24 in the 2nd half….. 17 in the 4th. Had it not been for the Washington INT in the 4th to put it away, TT may have had a chance to tie it @ 35 with a TD and 2pt conversion. They did score on their next possession. Thank You Keith for pulling the D’s ass out of the fire.
    Kansas 2nd half was pathetic. We just laid down on D. Gave them their last TD and we just didn’t even move on the 2pt conversion to end the game. We just gave up.
    ISU….. “What the Hell Just Happened?”
    6 Quarters in a row that we just didn’t show up on D. That’s not counting the TT game right before this. Can’t blame the injuries on this. The same LB’s have been out for how many games? And the lay down against Kansas…….. it’s friggin Kansas…… They just had their way with us the 2nd half. We couldn’t stop KANSAS……


    Now to the O. Won’t get into the deficiencies on the OL. We know what the problem is here. And it’s not just 1 or 2 players. It’s overall depth across the line. Out of the 14 Scholarship players, we don’t have 5 guys that are quality starters? Again, let me rant on the numbers. Most of the elite P5 schools have 18-20 Schollie OL. We have 14. And that’s more than we’ve had in prior years. On top of that we have only 2 SR’s. TWO….. And we had to bring in two JC’s to backfill.

    it all starts up front. Don’t our coaches get it? We just don’t recruit to fix the problems up front. These kids just can’t blow out any D on the goal line to push it across.

    This is a coaching problem. Who’s in charge of making sure we have the quality and numbers up front. Grier sacked 7 times against a basic 3 man DL. Sure, they brought 1 or 2 on blitzes, but they didn’t blitz every down and they STILL got penetration.

    This is also a play calling problem. Maybe Holgs was right. HE has to fix the problem. HE has to get the O ready to play. HE has to put together a better game plan. That was what he said in his presser. But…… Spav has been in charge here for the last 2 years. Spav has taken charge over the entire O plan. It’s Spav’s responsibility. Put the blame directly where it should be.

    We have a top 5 (or better) QB in the country and most likely the top WR corp along with a trio (foursome) of RB’s that is very good and we come up with this? This is a coaching problem that stems deeper than just this game plan.


    Sorry but I blame it all on offense. If the offense had just put up 21 points instead of going back words most of the night then this is a win. You can’t leave any defense on the field the entire 2nd half and most of the first.

    All 7 sacks could have been avoided if Grier throws the ball away on 3rd down instead of running in circles until tackled. So what if you still have to punt. At least you don’t lose field position.

    It didn’t help that our interior line of center and guard could not stop a pillow much less a blitz.

    If it’s not fixed and we tail spin then it’s time to cut bait and take the loss on money.


    I believe the defense was adequate against ISU, pretty good against Kansas, and poor against TT, but only in the second half. They played well in first half against the Raiders. This is not a great defense, but it should be, and in my opinion, has been if the offense would help them out just a little.


    Defense has been suspect the last 3 games.
    Kansas 2nd half was pathetic. We just laid down on D. Gave them their last TD and we just didn’t even move on the 2pt conversion to end the game. We just gave up.

    KU 2H possessions:

    1) 7 play 75 yard TD drive. Bad tackling and poor fill from LB and secondary on the 31 yard TD run. Grade: D

    2) A three and out after a WVU fumble. Grade: A

    3) 8 plays, 16 yards Grade: B+

    4) 6 plays, 4 yards Turnover on downs Grade: A

    5) 9 plays 75 yard TD Drive. Second and many third teamers on the field. They did not execute well, which is disturbing. Grade: D-

    I don’t see any way this could be evaluated as “pathetic”. Didn’t like the performance on the first series, and the last, even with many backups, leaves a bad taste. Those on the field were definitely confused, assignments messed up, etc. But yielding just one drive when the game was on the line? I’d call that pretty good.

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