Holgorsen, WVU At Ease in Big 12

Holgorsen, WVU At Ease in Big 12

By Kevin Kinder

FRISCO, Tex. – WVU head coach Dana Holgorsen feels fully comfortable now in the Big 12 Conference, even though the Mountaineers are entering their sixth season in the conference. Questions of the remoteness of location aside, there’s an ease of operations and a sense of place for the entire Mountaineer program in the league.

“There’s no surprises any more. Our players know what to expect. I’ve got pictures of the other nine stadiums up on the wall, and our players used to look at them and study them. Now they don’t even look at them,” Holgorsen explained.  “Then there’s the monetary aspect of it too. We’re a full-fledged member now, and it makes a big difference when you get that full check.  I just feel like we belong now, and not just us but all of our programs. I feel like there’s a lot of momentum now.

“All the programs have stepped up and been incredibly competitive in a very competitive league. It’s a tough league to win in, and I think there’s a lot of excitement right now in the Big 12.”

While Holgorsen has that optimistic outlook, he admits there is still work to do for West Virginia to continue its ascension.

“We’ve been improving over the last three, four years, and I feel that the way to continue to improve is to focus on some other areas. Our recruiting is probably better than it’s ever been, but the fund-raising the facilities, coaching and retaining coaches is a big thing. Overall game management and player management and coach management on game day is something I’m going to focus on. ”

Holgorsen also mentioned West Virginia’s bowl loss and the league’s overall play in out of conference games.

“I think our image needs to improve just by continuing to win games. We closed the year out very well, won a lot of games, and we did win ten games and finish in the Top 20 even though we didn’t do our part in the bowl games. We’ve got some very high profile games coming up, and we play Sunday night prime time versus Virginia Tech. You want to reshape the image of the league, you need to win games. That’s what it’s about.”