In State Commitment From Grantham for WVU

In State Commitment From Grantham for WVU

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — The West Virginia football program hosted a number of players for Saturday visits, and one top in-state target announced his commitment to the Mountaineers after hinting so earlier via social media.

Junior linebacker Dewayne Grantham (6-1, 200 lbs.) announced his choice late Saturday evening after spending the day on the WVU campus.

“I would first like to thank God for allowing me to continue my dreams and play college football at the next level,” he said via Twitter “I would also like to thank my family and coaches for pushing me to get where I am today. I would not be the person I am today without you guys. All glory to God for allowing me to continue my dreams, with that being said, I am committed to West Virginia University.”

West Virginia was the first Division I school to offer Grantham. The Mountaineers did so last June, and that early offer from the Mountaineers’ side obviously held a lot of power for the two-way Martinsburg standout. So too might have the commitment of teammate Tavis Lee, who is still expected to sign with the 2018 class in the February signing period.

Grantham was a huge contributor on both sides of the ball for the Bulldogs, who have ripped off 28 conscutive wins and the last two Class AAA state championships. As a linebacker, his recruited position at WVU, he had 86 tackles, including 12 behind the line of scrimmage, and also picked off a pass and forced a fumble. That performance earned him a spot on the Class AAA All-State first team. On offense, he ran for more than 1,100 yards.

Grantham is the third commitment in West Virginia’s 2019 football recruiting class.


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    In State Commitment From Grantham for WVU MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — The West Virginia football program hosted a number of players for Saturday visits, and
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    He seems a bit small for a linebacker. Are we looking at him as a potential DB?


    Small? 6’0 or 6’1 depending on the site. 195 lbs as a JR in HS. By the time he gets to Morgantown in 17 months he can easily add 20-25 lbs. And we don’t know yet if he’s done growing. He could add a few more inches, but 6’0 – 6’1″ isn’t a small LB.


    I was speaking of his weight, not his height. In addition, I wasn’t asking YOU the question. I was asking someone who might know.


    Excuse me for responding to a message board question. Little cranky today aren’t you. If you would have taken the time to look at the other Grantham thread started by Kevin, you would have seen that he answered MY question that I asked yesterday. Kevin says he is slotted at this time as a LB.


    Dwayne will not be a big linebacker, but he’ll be bigger than than David Long. As long as he runs as well as it appears he can run, he’ll be a 6-foot, 215- or 220-pounder by the time he actually starts playing at WVU. That’s big enough for an outside ‘backer, as long as he can run. He’d be small for a run-stuffing middle linebacker, but for someone who will probably play a David Long-type role, Grantham will be fine. Again key is speed there over size.


    Check our Verbal View on Grantham for more on this. WVU thinks he can play either outside backer position, and he said Gibby’s goal for him was to be at 215 when he came to WVU.

    As Greg notes, though, speed is the key. WVU HAS to get upgrades in that area at LB.


    Thank you. If he can put on twenty pounds of muscle without losing any of his speed, that would be great. (It might not be easy to do that though). I was just thinking that a 195 pound kid with decent speed might also make a good candidate for safety. I wasn’t sure what WVU was recruiting him to be. I wasn’t trying to suggest that this is a bad pick-up, just wondering.


    Old – Safety could be an option, again as long as he runs well enough. If he only can add enough weight to get to 205 or 210, than spur or bandit safety would probably be the best fit. If he goes up to 220, though, than linebacker. If you watch him on film, he definitely looks like a linebacker, but like many players, his size ultimately will help determine his college position. You usually see it in reverse, where a safety comes into a college strength program and adds weight and gets moved to linebacker (Nick Kwiatkowski is the perfect example, though WVU also now doing it with Exree Loe), but it can occasionally go the other way.


    If his speed is subject for LB then why would you think he could be a S? Yes, we need to add speed to our LB positions, but we need more speed at S.

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