Kevin Jones and Devin Williams Have Era Battle in WV Alumni Game

Kevin Jones and Devin Williams Have Era Battle in WV Alumni Game

By Kevin Kinder

They are arguably the two most dominant big men of the last decade of Mountaineer basketball, but they never crossed paths as teammates. Thus, it was fun to see Kevin Jones and Devin Williams lock horns on a couple of sequences during Saturday’s West Virginia Men’s Basketball Alumni Game.

While both are strong, muscular players, their styles were, and are, different. Jones ranges further from the basket and has a better all-around game, while Williams makes his living in the paint, where his strength is unmatched. Both have a nose for rebounding the ball, and both were instrumental in their teams’ successes at WVU.

All star games of this sort aren’t conducive to featuring big men, of course. The up-and-down nature of play tends to limit bigs to simply rebounding or the occasional dunk off a feed in transition. In this game, though, players made sure everyone got their chances — thus is was that the court was cleared for the two titans of the West Virginia frontcourt to go at each other in a featured pairing.

“That was cool,” the ever-smiling Jones said afterward.”Dev is a great player. It was great to go at it and see the two eras come together and play against each other.”

For his part, Williams was just as complimentary.

“It was fun,” said Williams, who saw the most action he has been through while rehabbing a knee injury suffered in Australia last year. “He’s a guy I have always looked up to.  Kevin Jones has always been a guy to give me advice., and just to be out there rubbing shoulders with those guys, it was fun. ”


Jones finished with 20 points and three rebounds, while Williams tallied 18 and 12. Williams is on the roster of the Greensboro Swarm of the NBA G League (formerly the NBA Developmental League). Jones’s G League rights are owned by the Northern Arizona Suns. He played in Russia and Serbia the past two seasons.