Mazey Upbeat, Optimistic Despite Loss

Mazey Upbeat, Optimistic Despite Loss

By: Kevin Kinder

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. – West Virginia head coach Randy Mazey was as positive as one could be after losing a nailbiting 4-3 contest to number one seed Wake Forest on Saturday evening.

“I’ve got no doubts, that once we take these jerseys off tonight, and regroup with our backs against the wall, I’ve gotta believe we are going to play a good game at noon, and then we’re going to play a good game at five. And then, I believe we are going to play a good one the day after that.”

That’s what it will take to advance out of the Winston-Salem Regional now after Saturday’s loss, as WVU will have to defeat Maryland on Saturday, then knock off the Demon Deacons twice in a row. Such a three-game stretch might seem improbable, but not for the Mountaineer coach who always seems to have a slightly different take on situations than conventional wisdom dictates.

Mazey has evinced similar scenarios in other tough situation, and while the results haven’t always gone as predicted, it speaks to both the confidence he has in his team as well as his desire to keep his squad on an even keel. That didn’t keep him, however, from acknowledging one aspect of play that contributed mightily to the setback.

“We went into it saying that the team that got the most free bases was going to win the game. A team like that, with the energy, the biggest part of that might have been the coin flip last night for the home team. I was worried about that, in their home park, you are setting up the exact scenario that happened. If we do play them again, we are the home team, which is great news for me.”

WVU will be the visiting team again tomorrow against Maryland after being the home squad in their first match-up on Friday.