Measured Against Recent Transfer QBs, An Encouraging Start For WVU’s Doege

West Virginia Mountaineers quarterback Jarret Doege (2) warming up on Saturday, September. 12, 2020, in Morgantown, West Virginia.

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Certainly, it’s far too early to pass judgment on West Virginia’s new starting quarterback, Jarret Doege, but the early returns seem to indicate he may just be the real deal.

And if he is, the Mountaineers investment in him may prove to be almost as good as investing in Apple stock when it was issued in December of 1980 at $28.75. That stock, had you put $1,000 in then and sold it in 2018, would have returned about $430,000, according to CNBC.

What makes us make such an outlandish statement?

Two things: The way he has started off as West Virginia’s quarterback after transferring from Bowling Green, and the way he may finish.

Let us first understand that this is a totally free year for Doege eligibility wise. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, no one is being charged a year of eligibility this season.

In normal years Doege would have only one more year of eligibility following this season, but now he can play this year and next year will count only as his redshirt junior year, which could give him three full years of starting at WVU, should he choose to stick around.

Now, let’s look at the start he has had as WVU’s starting quarterback.

A year ago, the Mountaineers, to preserve his redshirt that season, took advantage of a new rule and held him out until the final four games of the season, getting his feet wet in his first appearance and then starting the final three. None of that counted against his eligibility.

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So now, after transferring, Doege has managed to put four starts under his belt, the first three being last year against Kansas State, Oklahoma State and TCU and this year opening up against Eastern Kentucky.

He came away with three wins in four games … granted the toughest part of WVU Big 12 schedule last year came before he began playing, but he did win two of those three starts.

What do we have to compare him to?

Well, let’s take a look at Doege’s numbers against three pretty good quarterbacks who transferred into West Virginia after starting their careers elsewhere: Skyler Howard, Clint Trickett and, far, far back, Jeff Hostetler, who went on to become a quarterback who put Super Bowl champion on his resume with the New York Giants.

How did they do in their first four starts?

Jarret Doege: Doege completed 87 of 128 passes for a 67.9 completion percentage good for 927 yards with nine touchdowns and three interceptions.

Clint Trickett: Trickett completed 75 of 149 passes for a 50.3 completion percentage good for 951 yards with three touchdowns and three interceptions.

Skyler Howard: Howard completed 78 of 136 passes for a 56.4 completion percentage for 1,293 yards with 11 touchdowns and no interceptions.

Jeff Hostetler: Hostetler completed 65 of 130 passes for a 50.0 completion percentage for 1,009 yards with six touchdowns and two interceptions.

Doege completed more passes than any of the three, had a far higher completion percentage, and threw more TDs than Trickett and Hostetler.

He would seem to stack up worse than Howard, who was far more explosive in yards and touchdowns, especially if you figure in not turning the ball over at all, but that’s a bit deceiving.

While Doege’s competition wasn’t top rate, Howard’s stats were built by facing a Georgia Southern team that WVU would beat 44-0 and a Liberty team that it would beat 41-17, to say nothing of an Iowa State team that was 2-10 on the year and 0-9 in Big 12 play. Even Texas A&M, which beat WVU in a bowl game, was nothing special at 8-5 with a 3-5 record in the SEC.

So it is that Doege’s WVU career start can be viewed in a highly positive light.

West Virginia quarterback Jarret Doege (2) swings a pass to Winston Wright (16)

This is especially true when you look at Coach Neal Brown’s analysis of his Eastern Kentucky game in which he completed 19 of 25 passes for 228 yards with three touchdowns and no interceptions.

Brown believes there is much room for improvement over the year.

“Accuracy wise, if you look at our percentage, we had a high percentage, but we could have put the ball in some better spots,” Brown said during his Tuesday media call. “I thought Jarret threw the ball well but there’s probably a couple of balls where, if Jarret throws it where he’s supposed to, he’s over 300 yards by halftime and up for a couple of those weekly awards. He’ll continue to get better. Timing wise, it was okay, but it will continue to get better.”

Why should you expect him to improve?

Because he showed improvement over his first three starts last year.

“I thought he made a couple of significant throws on the same type of throws he struggled with maybe at the end of last year,” Brown said. “I was really excited about the way he prepared and I was really excited about his demeanor during the game. He kept an even keel.”

That game against EKU, though, was simply a dress rehearsal for what lies ahead, beginning with an Oklahoma State team that many believe can challenge Oklahoma for the Big 12 championship this year.

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    MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Certainly, it’s far too early to pass judgment on West Virginia’s new starting quarterback, Jarret Doege, but the early returns se
    [See the full post at: Measured Against Recent Transfer QBs, An Encouraging Start For WVU’s Doege]


    Just for kicks, and we’re mixing apples and oranges here what with different levels of comp, game plans, etc, what were Kendall’s numbers?


    All good counterpoints and topics for discussion.

    I’d rank the opposition like this.

    Hostetler: Oklahoma, Maryland, Richmond and Pitt.

    Trickett: Oklahoma State, Baylor, Texas Tech, Kansas State

    Doege: Kansas State, Oklahoma State, TCU, Eastern Kentucky.

    Howard: Iowa State, Texas A&M, Georgia Southern, Liberty

    Kendall’s numbers: 94-144  871 yards 68.8% 6 TDs 3 Ints.

    vs. James Madison, Missouri, NC State, Kansas. Only Howard’s schedule was worse IMO.




    A big miss!?

    Little tidbit about a QB we supposedly offered that maybe could have made a difference for WVU? Phil Junkavec transferred from Notre Dame to Boston College last year and was a big factor in their 26-6 win over Duke this week. Maybe if Brown had been here he would be a Mountaineer. Holgerson has great experience with qbs!? He got stuck behind Book At ND and decided to leave.
    He’s all American caliber.

    Little Background:
    Remember DiNucci at JM?
    Pine-Ridge: HS outside Pittsburgh.
    DiNucci threw 4 TD’s in state championship loss,
    There’s a soph QB at Notre Dame that came after DiNucci named
    Phil Junkavec that led them to a state championship in 2017 who
    could probably start at many top schools, 6’5, 240 . Not sure if
    true but was told WVU offered!


    Well, I’m hard-pressed to call Phil Jurkovec All-American caliber.

    12-16 for 222 yards and two TDs in two years at ND. Could not beat out Book, who is very good but isn’t on anyone’s All America team that I can see.

    Jurkovec had a very good game against Duke. But this isn’t basketball.

    Week One Stats:

    Doege   19-25  76%   228 yds   3 TDs    0 INT

    Jurkovec  17-23  73%   300 yds   2 TDs   1 INT

    Jurkovec played a better team, but played the whole game. Doege put up those numbers in a half, against worse competition. Maybe Jurkovec turns out to be better, so let’s revisit at the end of the year.

    But if you’re comparing him against Ben DiNucci, Doege has nothing to worry about.



    KK, not sure when you’re serious or just joshing?
    My opinion of Jurkovec probably is influenced by the times I saw him in high school. Same kind of impression that Burrows in high school gave me. One game in particular against a top notch Dayton team was about all I needed to see where he threw for 4 or 5 TD’s and was really mobile for his size. They won something like 49-0!
    DiNucci was only mentioned because they were in high school together. But he was drafted by Dallas and had a pretty good season atvJM. Wasn’t trying to compare Jurkovec to Doege! Hope they both have great years!
    By the way, Jurkovec was a pretty good BB player (like Burrows) for Pine Ridge. Saw them in the Wheeling Cancer Classic. They won all their games against some pretty good compo!


    Totally serious in terms of saying I’m not ready to give him All America status yet.

    That doesn’t discount what he did in high school, but none of that counts in college. If it did, Robert Alexander and Todd Robinson would have been All Americans at WVU.

    I compared him to Doege because you asked if Jurkovec was a big miss for WVU. Seems like they have been pretty comparable in their first game, and I’m not putting Doege up for AA status either. If you posit that WVU may have missed on someone, then I think one fair thing to do is compare him to those that are currently in the same position.


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Home Page forums Measured Against Recent Transfer QBs, An Encouraging Start For WVU’s Doege

Home Page forums Measured Against Recent Transfer QBs, An Encouraging Start For WVU’s Doege