Michael Boaitey Latest In WVU In-State Influx

Michael Boaitey

Michael Boaitey Latest In WVU In-State Influx

West Virginia’s new football coaching staff isn’t focusing on only a handful of players in the Mountain State.

Along with a select group that has scholarship offers, it is also looking at, and aggressively recruiting, initial non-scholarship players which it believes can help the program. The history of walk-on success at WVU is well-documented, but Neal Brown’s newly-assembled staff at the Puskar Center is making sure to leave no stone unturned in attracting every in-state player it can to the program.

The most recent of those is Martinsburg’s High School’s Michael Boaitey, who like many Mountain State natives, has followed the Gold and Blue his entire life.

“I’ve been a WVU fan since I was young, and I knew I wanted to go somewhere that I liked and wanted to go,” said Boitey, who had WVU on his radar but wanted to make sure that he checked out all of his options before making his choice. “I had some Division II scholarship offers and some other preferred walk-on offers at Division I schools, but I felt like my mind and body were ready for Division I.”

Boaitey will begin his WVU career as a cornerback, which is always a position of intense interest for fans. He doesn’t mind the spotlight that goes along with playing a spot that receives a great deal of scrutiny.

“You have to be really confident in yourself to play corner,” he said, evincing that quality with his confident speech. “You have to practice very hard and work at it. I know that I have a good work ethic, and I believe I can compete there.

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With his time at high school winding down, Boaitey is already hard at work getting ready for he next step of his career. Martinsburg High School has supplied a number of players to West Virginia over the years, including alums such as Fulton Walker, Nate Sowers, and Justin and Aaron Arndt.  The current Mountaineer roster will number four former Bulldogs once Boaitey joins Deamonte Lindsay, Tavis Lee and Adam Stilley this summer. He’s keeping close ties with them while working out with other Martinsburg area players this spring.

“They are all there and they have that winning mentality,” he said of his Martinsburg predecessors, who have made the Bulldogs a perennial state power.  “I talked to Tavis Lee a lot about WVU. He told me it would be hard but if stick my nose in and grind hard, I will have a chance to succeed. We have a lot of players here who are already working hard. We have access to the field at the high school, and we all meet and work out.”

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