Miles, Carter Brothers In The Backcourt

Miles, Carter Brothers In The Backcourt

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — When the West Virginia’s men’s basketball team returns to the court at the Coliseum tonight against Long Beach State on a short turnaround after coasting by Morgan State, 111-48 Saturday, it is one more chance for Daxter Miles Jr. and Jevon Carter to play together.

The time is starting to run out on them as teammates and WVU athletes, a dynamic backcourt duo that helped Coach Bob Huggins re-establish his program after a couple of lean years.

On Saturday night, Miles rose to heights he’d never seen before, scoring a career-high 32 points to soar past 1,000 for his career while Carter, pushing for All-American honors this season, scored 16 with five assists.

There’s is a story of brotherhood, of friendship.

“That’s my brother, “ Miles said. “We came in together. From Day 1, we were roommates.”

The shared the trials and tribulations of being college students and basketball players, the wins and the losses, the cheers and the tears.

It isn’t always easy. There are times when you want to be alone, times when you need privacy. You get mad when your roommate leaves the seat up or pulls the shade down.

But a good roommate is someone who understands you, cares for you, is a friend, a teammate and even more.

He’s there when the shots are falling and he’s there when everything is going in.

They lived together for their freshman and sophomore years at WVU, one of them out of Baltimore, the other a kid from Chicago.

Then Daxter Miles moved out.

“He followed me,” Miles joked.

Indeed, one day he heard that Carter was moving right next door.

The two of them were meant to be together.

They enjoy each other’s successes, help each other through his tough days.

Neither puts himself first.

“It isn’t about me. I play for my family. It’s about my teammates,” Miles said after his 32-point performance. “Career numbers don’t matter to me,” Miles said. “What concerns me is winning. What I want people to say when my career is over is that I tried to win.”

That, of course, is how Carter has always been, how he was last year when he tried to carry WVU through the NCAA Tournament.

“Family is everything,” Carter said. “If it wasn’t for my family I might not be here. It all goes back to family.”

That drives both of them.

“We feed off each other,” Carter noted. “We came in together. We will leave together.”

“Jevon and Daxter play off each other,” Huggins explained.

Take Saturday night’s game. Miles was hot. Scorching is more the word, hitting 12 of 15 shots and scoring a career-high 32 points.

Carter could have done likewise, but he didn’t.

“He could have hunted points, but he didn’t,” Huggins said. “He was interested in getting assists and steals and playing great defense.”

While living together, while playing together, they became almost as one.

“They played together four years, played against each other all summer. They kind of know what each is doing.”

The goal again is the Final Four for Miles and Carter, to leave their mark on the program.