More Defensive Clips From WVU’s Practice

Additional Looks At The Defensive Side As WVU Ramped Up Contact Practices

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – With the contact ramping up for West Virginia, the Mountaineers took a handful of periods in recent practices to work on prepping the body for more grueling workouts.

The defensive line, for example, utilized a wrap-and-drive drill that had players thudding up to teammates, then wrapping the arms and taking them onto a large pad. It served to ready the players for the fully-padded contact sessions at the end of this week, and reiterated fundamentals and proper head placement on the tackle.



The line then moved to an initial punch drill, with a focus on hand placement and extension to keep offensive players away from the body. That allows defensive lineman better vision and gap accountability, and greater freedom of movement to track plays and keep from being held.


The secondary, meanwhile, engaged in a backpedal-and-break drill that concentrated on mechanics, pad level and breaking quickly on the ball. The defenders finished by snaring a pass out of the air and securing the interception quickly, which placed multiple elements of game play within the same practice rep.