Rock Chalk Conspiracy Talk?

Yes, that’s right … Oliver Luck’s plot has been revealed.

To catch you up to speed, the NCAA is looking into the eligibility of two Kansas players, Billy Preston and Silvio DeSousa.  These 2 Jayhawks are, as of right now, ineligible to play.

There are allegations swirling amidst the Jayhawks fanbase that this is an intentional act by Oliver Luck, who is scheming with Coach Bob Huggins, to assure a home win against the struggling Jayhawks so Bob can pocket a cool 25 G’s.

This conspiracy theory points out that Oliver Luck built into Bob Huggins’ contract a clause which grants Huggins a $25,000 bonus every time he defeats Bill Self and his Kansas Jayhawks. Huggins has netted $100,000 from this clause. And, finally the Jayhawks fanbase has uncovered the truth.

The jig is up Ollie….

Let’s look past the fact that Huggins donates ALL of these bonuses to Cancer research.  Or the fact that, with his new contract, this bonus no longer applies. Let’s also look beyond the fact that this is the same NCAA which suspended one of WVU’s best players for 1/2 of the current season.  After all, perhaps that was just an attempt by Ollie to mask his evil plan.

You see, Kansas is currently tied for second in the Big 12 standings, and presently, they are not playing great basketball.  A situation that many fans aren’t familiar with and are struggling to accept.  The fans are beginning to grasp at straws to make sense of it all.  Here is the evil plot laid out for all the basketball nation to see….