NCAA Shuts Down All Spring & Summer Championships

NCAA Shuts Down All Spring & Summer Championships

It was an announcement most had anticipated all day, but it still seemed shocking when it finally came.

“NCAA cancels remaining winter and spring championships,” read the tweet from the NCAA.

With that ended the possibility of holding the 2020 NCAA men’s and women’s basketball tournament – with or without fans – as well as any other remaining winter and spring championships.

It wasn’t just the Mountaineer men’s and women’s basketball teams which were affected.

WVU’s sophomore wrestler Noah Adams, who is ranked second in the country in the 197-pound weight class, was slated to compete in the NCAA Championships in Minneapolis next week, and the Mountaineer rifle team was headed to Lexington, Kentucky, for this weekend’s national championships with the hopes of winning a 20th NCAA title. The WVU-sponsored sports of baseball, gymnastics, tennis, track & field, golf, swimming & diving and rowing also are part of the cancellation.

All those dreams, and many others are now gone, as the U.S. and the entire world deal with the deadly COVID-19 virus outbreak.

“Today, NCAA President Mark Emmert and the Board of Governors canceled the Division I men’s and women’s 2020 basketball tournaments, as well as all remaining winter and spring NCAA championships,” tweeted the NCAA Thursday afternoon. “This decision is based on the evolving COVID-19 public health threat, our ability to ensure the events do not contribute to the spread of the pandemic and the impracticality of hosting such events at any time during this academic year given ongoing decisions by other entities.”

Obviously this is incredibly disappointing for all the student-athletes involved. WVU’s men’s basketball team featured three seniors – Chase Harler, Logan Routt and Jermaine Haley – who will miss out an opportunity to lead their Mountaineers into the NCAA Tournament in their final collegiate season.

“SMH (shaking my head), this is what we worked all year for, all the hard work, just for a chance to do something special,” tweeted Mountaineer junior Gabe Osabuohien after receiving the news of the NCAA cancellation.

West Virginia sophomore Emmitt Matthews followed with an “all the hours we put in.”

“Heartbroken” was all Routt could muster.

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In addition, the Big 12 Conference announced late Thursday that beginning Friday, March 13, it is suspending all regular-season competitions, on- and off-campus recruiting, and out-of-season practices until Sunday, March 29.

The suspension of these athletic-related activities does not include campus-based practices for in-season sports, strength and conditioning activities for all sports,  and does not apply to teams and individuals participating in NCAA Championship competition.

Earlier today the Conference announced the cancellation of Big 12 Championship events through April 15.

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    NCAA Shuts Down All Spring & Summer Championships It was an announcement most had anticipated all day, but it still seemed shocking when it finall
    [See the full post at: NCAA Shuts Down All Spring & Summer Championships]


    STUPID …..  Completely STUPID …….  This is WAY overblown.  I feel for the SR’s that were heading into their last competitions of the year.  They worked so hard all year to get to where they are.

    I get it that it is a precaution.  But you can still hold those events without fans.  Let the kids play.


    We might as well stop living our lives and hole up in our homes. I agree with Butler and Catfish in the other thread


    I’m heartbroken for history was made this week for 3 people in particular that achieved something that hasn’t been accomplished in 37 years and now they can’t experience the reward for all their hard work.  Sucks, but I also understand and agree with the NCAA decisions.

    Those of you that are making this political, I’ll refrain from saying what needs to be said.


    You said you refrain, but why even bring it up.  You just said it.


    Avoiding deaths is more important than a basketball tournament. Geez, priorities!!!


    Canceled NCAA championships
    Along with men’s and women’s basketball, these were the other remaining 2020 Division I winter and spring championships:

    Beach volleyball
    Golf (men’s and women’s)
    Gymnastics (men’s and women’s)
    Ice hockey (men’s and women’s)
    Indoor track and field
    Lacrosse (men’s and women’s)
    Men’s volleyball
    Outdoor track and field
    Swimming and diving (men’s and women’s)
    Tennis (men’s and women’s)
    Women’s water polo


    I also believe this is WAY overblown. In the little 12’s position(basketball) all the teams were at tounry site. Play

    with no fans, show on tv ALL games. Are not all reports coming out that the ones most hurt by this, are the very

    old and folks that have weak systems. The ball players are quite young and very strong with great medical help.

    But please do not talk folks(in general’s) health. If the powers that be, really care about the country’s health, why

    has not something like tobacco still being grown and sold. Killing around 450000 people every year, year after

    year. I could go on with stats with all kinds of things that the human race has created that kill hundreds of

    thosands of americans every year. Where is the panic and out rage. When you breed like rats in a landfill and

    over populate. do not practice proper hygeni and common sense then the nature takes over.

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Home Page forums NCAA Shuts Down All Spring & Summer Championships