Neal Brown Addresses Kerry Martin’s Allegations

Neal Brown

Tuesday started with allegations and ended with a response from the Mountaineers’ head football coach. A lot happened in between as well.

WVU sophomore defensive back K.J. Martin posted a Tweet Tuesday morning, alleging a number of issues within West Virginia’s football program that he viewed as inappropriate. Most Martin’s problems involved WVU defensive coordinator Vic Koenning. Martin took offense to Koenning’s comments in terms of a wide range of topics from religion to politics to recent civil protests and more.

West Virginia safety Kerry Martin makes a diving tackle of TCU's Max Duggan (15)
West Virginia safety Kerry Martin makes a diving tackle of TCU’s Max Duggan (15)

West Virginia’s director of athletics Shane Lyons released a statement Tuesday afternoon about Martin’s concerns. Lyons also announced at that time that Koenning was being placed on administrative leave effective immediately in order “to conduct a thorough investigation into these allegations.”

Then later Tuesday night, WVU head coach Neal Brown released his own letter addressing the situation:

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A Letter From Neal Brown

Mountaineer Family,

I come to you tonight sick about today’s events.

Earlier today, Kerry Martin expressed his voice and he had every right to do so. I first learned about Kerry’s stated concerns via Twitter. I care deeply about everyone involved and have waited to speak publicly so that I could first speak with Kerry, Vic, the team, and our administration.

After speaking with Kerry, I took immediate action.  Along with Shane and his team, we launched an independent investigation. I spoke with all parties involved, the defense as a unit and the team as a whole. I again emphasized to our team that our program culture will be one of acceptance, respect, tolerance, and positive relationships.  I stressed to our team and staff that we will be open and transparent throughout the University process.

I will refrain from further conversation or comment about these issues until the University process is complete. I ask everyone to be patient as we work through this process as quickly as possible. We will listen, learn and grow from this together, as a family, to become even more united.

Thank you,
Neal Brown


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    Tuesday started with allegations and ended with a response from the Mountaineers’ head football coach. A lot happened in between as well. WVU sophomor
    [See the full post at: Neal Brown Addresses Kerry Martin’s Allegations]


    It is a messy situation.  With no evidence likely we will probably never know who is accurate about the Carpenter-Martin talk.

    The investigation should bring more clarity to what happened between Koenning and Martin because there had to be others who saw or heard things.


    Investigation is a fancy word for VIC pack your bags you’re fired.




    If Vic is pushed out this shows how completely overblown this country has become.  None of what Kerry stated rises to the level of racism.  Not even close.

    I can understand how these kids feel.  There is a lot wrong over many years.  But taking things like what Kerry stated to that level is not right either.  And a third party making an off the cuff comment about how a coach runs a program has nothing to do with that coach’s perspective.

    If I call you a racist on the basis of a comment that someone else said doesn’t make you a racist.  To think that is just stupid.  And me saying that your thinking is stupid doesn’t have anything to do with your family history.

    This PC mentality is way out of hand.


    Agree Butlereer. We are in the generation of where’s mine and I want it now without actually having to work hard for it.


    Investigation as the term is used today conjures in my mind the very worst moments of human history.  Face it, when the term is used today, in whichever venue politics, society, or work place, the real meaning is “we’ve already determined the outcome, now we’ll have interviews and evidentiary reviews to construct the ‘story’ to be pushed forward.”

    With the mention of ‘history’ above, I’m thinking of events like the Spanish Inquisition or the Salem Witch Trials.

    What is REALLY needed today, when events like this example that we loyal alums and fans are having to endure, is a largely forgotten skill – conflict resolution.  Today’s world needs to dust off this tried and true method and put it into action, rather than adopting the mentality we see today of ‘someone has to pay’.

    One problem with utilizing conflict resolution is that all parties must be WILLING to resolve said conflict.  Some of the parties involved with the actions we’re seeing play out today in the streets of our cities have NO desire to resolve the conflict, but rather the end game for some of them is power.


    FaninMI, you are correct.  Add to the ones that don’t want to hear your side because they want to bully you out of the conversation.

    Another part of that group thind is the clingons that are there just to be part of the me-too crowd.  Most of them have no idea what the ruckus is about.  They are just mindless minions following the Pied Piper.  They think this is a party.

    Then you have the group that are there just to destroy anything in their path.  The ones that have no value for others or their business and property.

    And unfortunately this is being funded by the anarchists that grew up in the 60’s, made their wealth and want to systematically change America because they didn’t get their way coming out of college.  Weather Underground anyone?


    And some of us who grew up in the sixties, thinking of myself and many of my friends, drank some of that Kool-Aid and thought it was good, until we married, the bambinos came along, and we had to make a living in the real world.  When we learned how the real world rewarded hard work, initiative, vision, and drive we changed – like 180 degree change.

    True some did what we did, earned their fortune, but never bought into the American dream even though they used the process to get rich.  Weather Underground indeed.  That bunch was TRULY warped.


    “acceptance, respect, and tolerance” are not values that the PC culture of today’s left have any genuine regard for.  Vic Koenning is to be sacrificed on the altar of political correctness for having the temerity to express an opinion not approved by the Thought Police.  I am afraid that life as he knows it is over.


    Pot, meet kettle.  Conservatives are the tolerant ones, oh my.


    Jack be nimble, Jack be sick!?


    Not all conservatives are tolerant.  Not all conservatives are intolerant.  Not all liberals are tolerant.  Not all liberals are intolerant.  Sort of a stupid thing to consider.

    But here is something to consider.  When I was in high school my Problems in Democracy teacher had an expression she seemed to repeat, seemed like everyday, but maybe it was only once a week.  When discussions in class about current issues or philosophy would reach an impasse she would end the discussion by saying “I may not agree with what you say but I will fight to the death to defend your right to say it.”  She was conservative and she meant it.

    And I believe that sentiment is much more likely to be found today in conservatives than liberals, even when it comes to protecting liberals right to free speech, though once upon a time I think it was as likely to be found in either outlook.  To paraphrase Orwell I think liberals today are more likely to say something like “all political speech is protected speech, but some political speech is more protected than others”.  Actually I think they are saying that on the college campuses.


    I agree with your statement in the first paragraph Cinci.  Not necessarily the conclusions u draw after that, but to each his or her own.  Perhaps this is a time when we should be listening more, talking less.  Seeking more to understand than to be understood.  Realize that we have more in common than we have in disagreement.


    We no longer are able to agree to disagree on a topic and then put that behind us and find areas where we can reach common ground and actually get something the hell accomplished.


    It’s a shame that the fringe on both sides drive the narrative on both sides.  Even more of a shame that the centrists don’t call them out.


    How do the two work together if both stay? It will be very difficult. Say Martin doesn’t start or play often. Will it be construed that the entire team or just his position coach is racist and has it out for him? If Vic was asked to leave then will Martin be a dividing factor and cancer on the team? If Martin transfers what will that say about WVU? Will both have to leave?

    So many questions due to a tweet.

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Home Page forums Neal Brown Addresses Kerry Martin’s Allegations

Home Page forums Neal Brown Addresses Kerry Martin’s Allegations