New Mountaineer Colson Glover In Holding Pattern

New Mountaineer David Glover leads the crowd on his firs
New Mountaineer David Glover leads the crowd on his firs "Let's Go Mountaineers!" cheer

New Mountaineer Colson Glover In Holding Pattern

MORGANTOWN, W.Va.  — Those of you old enough can remember what probably was the greatest Super Bowl ad ever, Mean Joe Greene’s 1979 Coca-Cola commercial.

For those who don’t remember, it begins with a tired, sweaty, dirty Joe Greene limping up the tunnel toward the Steelers’ locker room when a young boy comes up behind him and offers help, which Greene declines.

The kid says he still thinks Greene is the best and offers him his bottle of Coke.

Joe Greene sheepishly accepts it with thanks, chugs the entire bottle as the young boy softly says “See ya around” and slowly walks away.

Before he gets far, Greene turns to the boy and says, “Hey, kid … catch” and tosses the jersey he had slung over his shoulder to the boy.

“Wow! Thanks, Mean Joe!” the kid says as Greene smiles at him and then continues limping toward the locker room.

Real life? No, but sometimes real life follows fiction.

We take you now to the steps of the West Virginia University Law School in 2011 after a football game has just finished. Brock Burwell, the Mountaineer mascot then, is descending the steps when a young fan comes up and offers him his Gatorade.

That young boy is Colson Glover and a week ago, on Senior Day at the Coliseum, he fulfilled a lifelong dream when he was named the Mountaineer Mascot.

“It was a dream I had since I was little,” Glover said on Friday as he looked back on the moment. “To be named the 67th Mountaineer is truly indescribable.”

And so are the events that happened since as Colson Glover, who was named after Colson Hall on the WVU downtown campus and whose family is from Clarksburg, was a Mountaineer with no games or functions to attend, one of the unseen victims of the coronavirus pandemic.

Colson Glover reacts after being named West Viginia's 67th Mountaineer
Colson Glover reacts after being named West Virginia’s 67th Mountaineer

In truth, his term has not started yet. April 17 in the date that the rifle is passed and his first event is scheduled to the annual Gold-Blue Spring Football Game but the fate of that game remains up in the air as spring football has been suspended until after this week’s spring break and could well be canceled.

“As a fan I am just as disappointed as everyone else because of the cancellations,” Colson admitted. “As the Mountaineer, I’m worried and disappointed because a lot of the events where I would be interacting with fans might be canceled.

“They are talking about canceling any large crowd events and there are a lot of those that I would be attending. I’m hopeful they will get this under control so we can have those events. If not, I’ll work twice as hard over the summer to make up for it.”

Let’s go back to the beginning for the newest Mountaineer to understand just what this means to him

His father, Greg Glover, is a pharmacist who graduated from WVU and who lives now in Lewisburg but who is from Clarksburg, where most of the family remains, including his uncle, David Glover, the lawyer.

“I have been a Mountaineer fan my entire life and attending games since I could remember,” Glover explained. “We’ve always been die-hard Mountaineer fans. The Mountaineer mascot was always someone I idolized.

“He represented hard-working West Virginians and it was something I wanted to do when I was older. I wanted to be the ambassador for my state and my university and represent their values to the entire world.”

He comes into the role of Mountaineer with goals of spreading the word of WVU and West Virginia far and wide.

“One of the goals that the former Mountaineer had was to see every county in the state,” he said. “That’s a goal I am going to uphold. I want to see every county and also to get to as many alumni chapters throughout the United States as I can. Mountaineers go far and wide across the United States and the world and I want to go see them.

“My ultimate goal is to meet with all different types of Mountaineers and share my love and passion for the state and the university with them.”

To do this, he first had to win out over the candidates and it came down to that amazing Senior Day when WVU upset No. 4 Baylor in a game they hoped would give them momentum into the Big 12 Championship that never was and the NCAA Tournament that, apparently, never will be.

“None of us knew anything,” Glover said. “When I found out was the moment when everyone else found out. The worst part about Senior Day was all four of us were kind of behind the basket and behind some fans while we were trying to watch the game, trying to peek around people and get up on tippy toes to watch the game.”

Then, at halftime, when they announced his name …

“I didn’t believe it at first. I heard my name called and I was like ‘Thank you’ but it really didn’t register with me that it was happening,” he said. “Later that evening I started getting messages congratulating me on becoming Mountaineer No. 67. Here were people I’ve idolized saying ‘Congratulations, welcome to the club’ and that’s when it really started to sink in that my dream really had come true.”

In a month he will don the buckskins for the first time but is hoping he isn’t all dressed up with nowhere to go.

He’d also like to get back into classes.

“My goal is to go to the medical school, so I have two years of undergrad and four years of medical school ahead of me. I still have a long time go.” he said.

And when he becomes a doctor?

“I guess I’ll give out prescriptions for my dad to fill,” he said.

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