WVU QB Nicco Marchiol Growing Comfortable As A Mountaineer

West Virginia quarterback Nicco Marchiol (8) cuts back across the Gold defense

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – A little over a year ago – June 11, 2021 to be exact – quarterback Nicco Marchiol made the announcement that he was committing to Neal Brown’s West Virginia football program.

About six months later he made the move from Chandler, Arizona, to Morgantown, enrolling at WVU in January after graduating from Hamilton High School a semester early.

Now six months after that, Marchiol is still all in on his choice to be a Mountaineer. “Best decision I ever made,” tweeted the true freshman quarterback of his signing with WVU over a who’s who offer list.

A couple of days after the one-year anniversary of his commitment, Marchiol and many of his West Virginia teammates were at Mylan Park a few miles outside of Morgantown, coaching a large group of elementary and middle school kids at the Diversified Energy football camp, which was coordinated by the Country Roads Trust.

“This was a lot of fun,” Marchiol said after a steamy morning session on the Mylan Park turf. “The kids were great, and it’s fun to spread our love for the game.”

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Interacting with the youngsters was nice, but the main focus for the Mountaineer QB this summer is working on his game and developing the needed chemistry with his teammates.

“My biggest thing right now is to have confidence every snap,” noted the 6-foot-1, 208-pound signal caller. “All that takes is reps. It takes more time in the film room and more time on our own throwing with the receivers. That’s the best way to build up confidence. That way you can just go out and perform; you’re not thinking, you’re just playing.

“The best thing I can do is get as many reps as I can and learn more of the mental side of football, the Xs and Os of it. I’m trying to learn as much as I can from others who have experience at whatever position. That way when my time is called, I’ll be ready.”

Enrolling at WVU in January allowed Marchiol to get a jump start on his college career.

“Going in, I knew this would be some of the hardest stuff I’ve ever done,” admitted the 2021 Arizona Gatorade Player of the Year. “Winter workouts and spring practice were things I’ve never experienced at that level before. It was hard, but the coaching staff and the players made the transition very easy for me.

“Everything they promised me when I was being recruited is exactly what I got when I showed up the first day,” he added. “I’m very grateful for the coaching staff for everything they’ve done, and I’m also grateful to the players. They’ve been very welcoming and have made the transition very easy for me.”

Marchiol is starting to get a feel for all his receivers, and that’s especially true for fellow true freshman Jarel Williams, who like Nicco enrolled at WVU in January, allowing the pair to work closely together throughout the spring.

“Quarterbacks and receivers often just click,” explained Marchiol. “It’s happened since January will me and Jarel. We started off well, and we’ve built that team-type of feel together. He’s been a key asset to me in making this transition easy.”

West Virginia quarterback Nicco Marchiol (#8) throws as pass as head coach Neal Brown watches

Though he threw for 8,310 yards and ran for another 1,301 in his high school career, Marchiol admits there is a learning curve when stepping up to the college level.

“The speed of the game definitely moves faster, windows close in a smaller amount of time,” he noted. “I’m not focusing on anything other than tomorrow. I’m focused on getting bigger and stronger in the weight room and also building up that comradery with the receivers.

“We’re developing the timing we need, which is important for an Air Raid offense. The more we can throw together and get the timing down, the better it will be for all of us.”

Chandler, Arizona, is more than 2,000 miles from Morgantown, West Virginia, so Marchiol is a long ways from home. He’s growing comfortable in the Mountain State, though.

“Coming across the country was hard. I’m very close to my parents, but they’ve helped make the transition for me,” said the youngest of Ken and Suzanne Marchiol’s three sons. “The coaches and teammates also help make it easy. They help you feel like you’re not away from home but are in the best place you can be. I fully agree with that. That’s what everyone on the team has to say. It’s been a really, really good environment.”

West Virginia’s young quarterback likes the family atmosphere surrounding the Mountaineer football program.

“I first got the feeling when I came here for my official visit. It’s a really close family that you can’t find anywhere else,” said Marchiol. “I went everywhere (on recruiting visits). I toured everywhere in the SEC, the west coast, everywhere you could look, and this place just stands out. They care about you more than just about football. They care about you as a person and want to help you after football because this only lasts so long.

“I’m really grateful for how things have gone in my six months here. I couldn’t imagine it any other way.”

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    MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – A little over a year ago – June 11, 2021 to be exact – quarterback Nicco Marchiol made the announcement that he was committing to
    [See the full post at: WVU QB Nicco Marchiol Growing Comfortable As A Mountaineer]


    Living here in the Phoenix metro area I am geeked to see this kid play for the Mountaineers. Recruiting made a steal on this kid. I believe he is going to be an All American and make a run for the top player in the country. Watching some films on him lately he has the possibility of becoming a massive name in WVU QB history.
    He has a outstanding ability to rapidly grasp any situation and use it to his advantage. A Football intelligence QB is something IMO Our program has lacked for a bit. I believe he is going to be a leader even as a freshman which it rare. We are just a little over 2 months till this program can show what kinda of real progress it has made.


    My hope is he gets major # of snaps in last 4 games of the season.  Comes in ’23 as the starter as a RFR.  Starts for 4 years.


    Nicco is already an All-American for attitude, and Jarel seems to be similar. 

     With the O line experience and strong team chemistry, I look for a surprisingly good season, starting with a wins at Pitt and VaTech.  Let’s Goooooo, MOUNTAINEERS!!



    With Daniels and Nicco, and the other stable of QBs, I think the next few years will be a watershed in WVU FB. Brown is building a PROGRAM, not just stringing together seasons. With the hiring of coach Harrell, and the recruiting upswing, I believe we are on the launch pad to great success.

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Home Page forums WVU QB Nicco Marchiol Growing Comfortable As A Mountaineer

Home Page forums WVU QB Nicco Marchiol Growing Comfortable As A Mountaineer