Reading The Tea Leaves On A Pair of Polls

Reading The Tea Leaves On A Pair of Polls

Last week we conducted two separate polls through, and I find the information from each very interesting.

Admittedly any Internet polling should not be taken as scientific fact. But our polling software makes it somewhat difficult for a person to vote multiple times, so I don’t think the numbers are skewed too much by some Marshall fan in the Kremlin manipulating the numbers.

The two questions we asked were:

Should the Mountaineer men’s basketball team play annually in Charleston?


What will be the fate of Sagaba Konate in the coming year?

As for the Charleston question, there were only two simple answers – yes or no.

Nothing in the poll asked if WVU should play Marshall at the Civic Center; just if the Mountaineers should play annually in the state’s capital against any opponent.

First of all, we got a very large response – at least for one of our polls – as nearly 2,000 opinions were given.

And the vote was incredibly close with 51 percent saying yes, there should be a men’s basketball game played in Charleston every year, and the other 49 percent saying no.

Now certainly some believe the Mountaineers should be playing Marshall annually, something that hasn’t taken place in the past three regular seasons, and that desire may reflect in their response, even though WVU vs. MU wasn’t part of the question.

Those who voiced their opinion were obviously split. I don’t expect West Virginia athletic department officials to look at our polling when trying to decide what to do in such situations, but certainly there is no easy choice in the matter when they try to read the voice of the people. This one is divided basically right down the middle.

West Virginia forward Sagaba Konate

The question on Konate had possible multiple answers, but the 1,100+ who responded were in agreement on one basic premise – they don’t expect Sagaba to get drafted by an NBA team this summer.

Of all those who responded to the poll, just one percent predicted that Konate would be selected in either the first or second round of the NBA Draft, which only consists of two rounds.

That leaves 99 percent of the respondents who don’t expect Konate to get drafted at all.

Of those of do not believe he’ll be drafted, 61 percent think he will play professionally overseas next year, 13 percent predict he’ll play in the G League, which is basically the NBA’s farm league, and 15 percent expect the worse and say he won’t play anywhere next season.

Another 11 percent, likely Mountaineer fans hoping for an additional talent infusion to Bob Huggins’ squad, believe Sags will return to WVU for the 2019-20 season.

At this point Konate’s actually fate is unknown, but there are very, very few who responded to our online poll who think Konate will hear his name called during the June 20 NBA Draft.

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