Renovation Reveals From Inside Milan Puskar Stadium

West Side Concourse Refurbished; Concessions, Restrooms Expanded

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – Renovations on the west side of Milan Puskar Stadium are nearing completion, putting the finishing touches on a $45 million upgrade to the facility.

While the east side upgrades were completed prior to last year’s opener, West Virginia chose to split the project into two offseasons to ensure it construction would not affect the games. The west side now matches the look and feel of the east concourse, with updates and increases in restrooms, concessions, points of sale, first aid stations, charging areas for phones and new food and beverage options and seating areas.

“Our goal was to make the west side somewhat of a mirror image of the east side for our fans,” WVU Director of Athletics Shane Lyons said. “We’ve added almost 50 percent more space to help with traffic flow for pedestrians. That’s one of the key points to this.”

That additional space came via pushing the concessions back, creating adequate room for lines so they would not impede foot traffic. WVU also added two elevators and updated ADA access, as well as increased the ease of getting into and out of the facility. Where vehicular traffic was previously permitted to utilize the road adjacent to the west side access gates, that area will now be pedestrian-only, with ADA vans and shuttles using the southwest gate for drop-offs and pick-ups.

Associate Athletic Director for Facilities & Operations April Messerly encouraged fans to utilize the southwest gate, noting that there have been backlogs at the west entrance while the southwest gate has minimal to no lines.

“Our architects have worked very hard to make the flow something comfortable for our fan base and to try and have more access to gates,” Lyons said.

In a separate project, West Virginia also added a new high definition video board at the north end. The board measures more than 37 feet high and 97 feet long for a total of 3,616 square feet. That dwarfs the south end video board, which is 23.6 feet high by 85 feet long for a total of 2,006 square feet. It will mark the first time in the 37-year history of Milan Puskar Stadium that the facility has two video boards.

In all, the facility upgrades cost nearly $50 million, with the university also initiating plans to completely renovate the Puskar Center with new locker rooms, team meeting rooms and coaches offices.

 And in case you were wondering, no, another stadium is not in the works.

A list of the west side concourse upgrades:

  • Additional men’s toilets and urinals and 56 more sinks than offered last season
  • 100 additional women’s toilets
  • Two family restrooms
  • An increase from 21 points of sale for concessions to 69
  • 75 total TVs on the west-side concourse and field boxes
  • Improved stadium speaker system at the concession area, restrooms and gates
  • Eight cell phone charging stations
  • ADA accessible gates and two full service elevators
  • A catering kitchen for the suites
  • A total of 18 points of entry on the west side alone