Round-Up: WVU Sees Major Revenue Increase; Stills Announces Thursday

WVU In The Money; Can They Land Top Recruit?

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – As the school year, and with it the athletic year, begins anew for West Virginia, it is time, perhaps, to understand just how far financially the Mountaineers have come since joining the Big 12 Conference.

Think back, for a moment, to 2008 — not a year picked randomly but, instead, a year in which there were detailed published reports on the Mountaineers’ income and how it compared to the other top schools in the nation.

WVU stood 46th, with gross revenues from athletics of $54,262,716.

It wasn’t that the Mountaineers weren’t selling themselves well. Their branding stood No. 16 in the nation at $5,603,873. True, it was only a third of No. 1 Texas, but that’s a different breed, those Longhorns.

Still, WVU was barely top 50 and its media rights brought in all of $213,873 that year.

Now lets look at WVU in 2015-16, according to USAToday.

The Mountaineers were all the way up to No. 26 — from No. 46 — and their revenues had just about doubled at $105,140,368, while Texas stood at No. 2 with $187,981,158.

Here is how WVU stood with its peers in the Big 12 Conference in revenue (number in parentheses is national rank):

Texas (2), $188 million; Oklahoma (6); $150 million; West Virginia (26), $105 million; Oklahoma State (37) $94 million; Kansas (38), $91 million; Texas Tech (42), $83 million; Iowa State (48) $78 million, Kansas State (49) $78 million.

TCU and Baylor’s figures were not available as both are private schools.

But this is interesting, for WVU’s expenses were “only” $85,900,652, which gave them a $19 million profit.

This is how the Big 12 teams ranked in profit: Oklahoma $23 million, WVU $19 million; Texas $17 million, Kansas State $7 million, Kansas $5 million; Texas Tech $4 million; Oklahoma State $1 million and Iowa State $76,201.

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Circle Thursday on your calendar.

That’s the day the pride of Fairmont, Dante Stills, son of the former WVU great Gary Stills, and a four-star recruit says he will announce his decision on a college.

As a four-star recruit, Stills pretty much has his choice of schools and he says he has it narrowed down to West Virginia, Oklahoma and Florida … three top line football programs in three as different a states as you can imagine.