Texas Hammers WVU, 75-53

Texas Hammers WVU, 75-53

MORGANTOWN, W.Va.–In the worst loss for the Mountaineers in the WVU Coliseum in more than a decade, West Virginia was flattened by Texas, 75-53, Saturday night.

With the loss, WVU fell to 10-14 overall and 2-9 in the Big 12. Texas improved to 14-10 and 6-5.

WVU got 14 points and six rebounds from Esa Ahmad and seven points and 11 rebounds from Derek Culver. The Mountaineers shot just 35.3% for the game, including 18.8% from 3-point range. They were mostly uncompetitive in the second half, being outscored by 16 and missting all six of their threes.

Texas, conversely, shot 53.1% after the break, courtesy of eight dunks on an assortment of lobs.



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    Texas Hammers WVU, 75-53 MORGANTOWN, W.Va.–In the worst loss for the Mountaineers in the WVU Coliseum in over a decade, West Virginia was flattened by
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    I keep watching and hoping for a different result, but it’s the same story each game minus the aberrations that were KU and OU. This team has so many problems you could type paragraphs listing them all. This season can’t end soon enough.

    This feels as bad as its been since 01-02. I would say 12-13, but I’m not sure Aaric Murray wouldn’t be a top 3 three point shooter on this team. It’s sad. Watching Culver grow is a bright spot. His reads and interior passes tonight were fantastic. Growth and development are visible each game. Reminds me of how Elijah Macon grew those last 10 games of his junior year.


    No more Esa PLEASE!!!??????

    Tell Sags thanks and good luck.

    Sit Harris and teach a lesson.

    Send West and his lack of D and movement elsewhere.

    Gordon, Culver, McCabe, Matthews, Haley and Knapper … the rest are not worth the investment.


    Culver is the shining star.  Doomes today showed that he can play.  Drove the paint twice in the last 2 mins.  Came away with a foul on one and a step back bucket from 12 on the other.   Liked Matthews hustls.

    Very disappointed in our G play.  We don’t pass and when we do we don’t know where or when.  Harler wide open twice under the bucket and Esa then Harris both held the ball and passed it outside.  Against the zone you have to move the ball quickly and we take that time to dribble sideways.  Not many move without the ball.  We just friggin stand there and wait for it to come to us.  I’ve seen many HS teams move without the ball much better than we do.


    Knapper is another dribble out the shit clock guy with no real PG skills.

    McCabe is searching and trying to create… potential.

    Harler… if our numbers would allow… move on.

    Doomes need intensive coaching and high level competition… seems to be something there.

    Haley just lost on a crap team – think he is actually a pretty good player… not a central guy but a really nice piece.

    Beetle is a stud but can’t be a pin ball any longer


    I don’t know that I’d give up on Knapper yet, but he just loves to bounce it.  Passing skills are not there.  More TO’s than Asst.  That’s a horrible stat for a PG.  Billed as a 3 shooter but he’s at .360

    What do you do with when Beetle and McCabe take hold of the PG?  Then Doomes, McBride at 2 and Matthews as a possible 2.


    Knapper might be an adequate 2. I think he’s being asked to do what I’m becoming convinced he is not able to do.  But I do think he can be a cutter and I think if he didn’t have to try to be a 1, his shooting would vastly improve from 12 feet & further out.


    I’ll give you that WVFaninMI.  We may well be asking him to do something he isn’t suited for.  On the other hand JC wasn’t a PG as a FR.  He never ran the point because we had Staten and Browne to do that.  He was thrown into the mix as a PG for the first time as a SO.


    JCs are a RARE and dying breed, Butler.  He’s cut out of the same cloth as The Logo – he couldn’t score like West, but he damn sure worked as hard as West did.

    I see flashes of effort out of Knapper, but like golfers are prone to do, he gets “the yips” when he has to run the offense or create shots off the dribble.  Where I think he would excel is to create openings for himself without the ball – but dear God in Heaven, we absolutely have to find someone to run the point that can pass to the cutters and to the open man, without throwing the ball into the 10th row or the other team.

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