Tshiebwe Steps Away From Mountaineer Basketball

West Virginia forward Oscar Tshiebwe hammers home a dunk
West Virginia forward Oscar Tshiebwe hammers home a dunk
Oscar Tshiebwe
Oscar Tshiebwe

West Virginia University men’s basketball sophomore forward Oscar Tshiebwe is stepping away from the program due to personal reasons, coach Bob Huggins announced Friday morning.

“Oscar has our full support, and we certainly wish him the best during this time,” Huggins said.

Tshiebwe is averaging 8.5 points and 7.8 rebounds through 10 games this season.

As of early Friday morning, Tshiebwe was not listed in the NCAA’s transfer portal.

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    West Virginia University men’s basketball sophomore forward Oscar Tshiebwe is stepping away from the program due to personal reasons, coach Bob Huggin
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    Stepping away can mean multiple things.

    Leaving the program and entering the portal?

    Taking a break for personal reasons?

    Leaving to play overseas?


    With Oscar and Cottrell gone what does that do to our offensive attack? Interesting!


    We just went from a realistic potential Final Four team to a likely sweet sixteen with a few breaks.

    Losing Oscar and Cottrell is hard to overcome.


    Maybe the great shooting team that Huggins keeps telling us about will now step forward and not leave their shooting on the practice floor as the lineup shrinks in size.


    Just my opinion, but it seems to me that Huggs has mishandled Oscar.


    That’s a pretty tough indictment, Nicky.  At what point does a player “own” their performance and work?

    Huggs has years of former players that would still run through a wall for him.

    Another publication has a more detailed article in which Huggs stated “absolutely not” to the question if Oscar would be returning at some future time.


    Chemistry is so important. If Oscar’s heart wasn’t in it or he’s distracted, it could prove to be addition by subtraction. Time will tell.


    First of all, I  hope that Oscar and his family are okay. I  hate to see him leave but if he wants to, we have to let him. That could be a  distraction. My hopes for a potential national championship  has diminished,  but I hope this team rallies around and proves me wrong! I  think we all had noticed that Oscar wasn’t playing with the zeal he did last year. So good luck Oscar! Let the team circle the wagons and regroup and play hard for each other and the Coaches! LET’S Go Mountaineers!💛💙🏀💛💙🏀


    Something wasn’t right and Oscar seemed to be always looking over his shoulder and Huggs wouldn’t allow him to play through his mistakes in the meaningless non-conf portion of the schedule. Get 2 fouls and you’re on the bench, miss a defensive switch / you’re out of there and so it seemed that oscar knew that and he played tentatively. As far as team chemistry, i don’t know, maybe that was the entire problem. Homesick ? Concerns about family ? Huggs coaching style ? Thinking NBA ?


    I’m sorry, but that’s a big load of assumptions (and something else) with the implication Huggs is at fault with no evidence to support it.  We don’t know what happened yet, so let’s not immediately point fingers at the man we know has done more for our program and the players playing for him than anyone else.  If there is reason later to suggest Huggs mishandled this then we can discuss it.


    As my first sentence in my original reply stated, it’s “just my opinion”.


    Of course it’s your opinion.   No one is disputing that.


    While everyone is entitled to their opinion the facts that we or, at least, that I am aware of, is that Oscar has left and Huggins is the head coach.

    So, respecting your opinion, it is still reasonable to ask what have you based your opinion on?  It may be as simple “I just don’t like Huggins”.  But if that is it, or if it is something else, it is not unreasonable to be up front with it.  So, why are you of that opinion?


    Cinci and Vulash,  Huggins has mishandled players in the past… when someone makes a mistake they are punished with running the treadmill instead of constructively coached on technique.   Plus, Huggins does not effectively coach fundamentals on offense the same way as Beilein did… he coaches hustle, boards, and defense… but his offensive team play never comes close to what we had with Beilein.


    Nothing you said leads me to believe we have a reason to point the finger at Huggins as the problem without first waiting to learn more.   I’m not a fan of making assumptions and blaming someone.

    I’m not even sure why you’re discussing Huggins offensive coaching as compared to Beilein.


    Vulash you’re not too sure about anything lately lol


    I was being polite.  Your statements weren’t relevant to the conversation.

    I am sure I don’t like blaming someone for something based on nothing more than assumption.


    My opinion is based on observation……2 fouls, sit….miss a screen, sit, miss a defensive switch…sit. IMO, Oscar has too much potential to languish on the bench. Let him play through his mistakes in the non-conf games to be ready for the B12 portion. Remember, Oscar hasn’t played hoops his entire life like his American team mates. Some things must be learned to be able to react. IMO, Huggs “one size fits all” approach didn’t catch on with Oscar. Maybe it was just Oscar’s attitude or unwillingness to accept criticism. If that was the case then I was all wrong. Even here, I trust HCBH’s judgement. However, I was asked what my opinion was based on….so there you have it. OBTW, I love Huggs but he isn’t infallible.


    Everything happens for a reason. I don’t want to know Oscar left for his own reasons be it family or because he wants to play overseas or  go to another program. I still believe we have a great shot at the final 4.

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Home Page forums Tshiebwe Steps Away From Mountaineer Basketball

Home Page forums Tshiebwe Steps Away From Mountaineer Basketball