Will Grier’s Attitude, Approach Bodes Well For Handling Adversity

Will Grier’s Attitude, Approach Bodes Well For Handling Adversity

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – “I wasn’t necessarily frustrated. I had a good time playing the game. It was a fun game and a cool atmosphere.”

That might sound odd, these words of West Virginia quarterback Will Grier as he discussed his thoughts and emotions from the Iowa State loss. Speaking publicly for the first time following that contest, it might at first blush sound as if he was discounting the results of the game, but that’s not the case at all. In fact, they might show a very good mental outlook.

Everyone wants the players on their team to be emotionally invested in the game. That usually translates to an intense approach, with requisite helmet throwing or locker punching required after a loss or poor play. Such unrealistic expectations ignore the fact that the majority of college players do play the game for fun, and that with different personalities react to different situations  in different ways.

West Virginia quarterback Will Grier surveys the field

Do Grier’s words, then, mean that he wasn’t stung by the loss of that he didn’t care? Of course not. Nothing could be further from the truth. What they do indicate, though, is a good balance. Grier knows he didn’t play near to his peak level, and that the offense had numerous breakdowns. He’s not letting those define him as he prepares for this week’s encounter with Baylor, though. He was able to make a measured review of the game and figure out what went wrong without going ballistic. Isn’t such maturity a desired trait in a quarterback?

Offensive coordinator Jake Spavital saw those reactions, and was pleased with the way his QB has responded.

“I think Will is doing a really good job, in terms of his energy, his body language and how he’s been practicing these last few days,” said Spavital, who is in his second seasons as WVU’s O.C.
I think these kids are more anxious to get out there on a national TV game, with a lot of eyes on them. They’re ready to get back on track, put this game behind them and move forward.”

There’s a balance in reviewing mistakes and dwelling on them, and again, Grier seems to be on the right track. He didn’t shy away from questions about the Iowa State game, even though it was some nine days in the rear view mirror. He noted shortcomings that needed to be addressed, and described some of the steps that were taken to do so.

‘”We’ve practiced really hard on timing and routes and making sure we are all on the same page with it,” he said of some of those correctable issues. “It’s not something that anybody needs to freak out about, but its something that needed to be sharpened up and we have.”

Again, the balanced approach, and delivered with his normal good cheer. Perhaps it’s the perspective that comes with being a husband and a father, or of living in a media spotlight. Whatever the reasons, Grier is serving as a foundation for his team. Recognize and address the problems, but have fun along the way, while understanding that the season didn’t end with the setback in Ames.

“I think we are still a really good football team and a really good offense. There weren’t  any crazy huge problems this past week. We just got outplayed in some areas,” Grier noted, before turning to another matter. “We need to be the team with more energy and more passion. That falls on me and falls on the leaders. We have to play with crazy energy on every snap. ”

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