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    Will Grier’s Youngstown State Highlights
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    Cuyahoga Falls Eers
    Rank: Heisman Winner

    Will Grier has 4 talented receivers heading downfield on EVERY pass play. With Will’s smarts and arm it’s almost impossible for at least one receiver to be open. If Grier’s throw is accurate, which it usually is, and he gets it off in 3 seconds, it’s a nightmare for defensive coordinators.

    Even trying to disguise it, as Youngstown did, doesn’t always work with Grier’s mental skills, which are as valuable as he arm skills.

    If Grier stays healthy I expect an outstanding season for my alma mater. The Youngstown highlights reinforced what I saw with my own professional sportswriter eyes from Section 105 in Mountaineer Field. Grier assesses quickly, throws accurately and to 4 talented receivers. That’s lethal to any defense.

    M agnificent Grier passes shredded Tennessee, 40-14
    O verhelmed drenched Youngstown, 52-17
    U nable to play North Carolina State because of Hurricane Florence
    N uke Kansas State
    T errorize Texas Tech
    A nnihilate Kansas
    I ncinerate Iowa State
    N ail Baylor
    E rectile dysfunction Texas
    E lectrify TCU
    R eam Oklahoma State
    S ink Oklahoma

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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