WVU Downs Pitt In Backyard Brawl Renewal

WVU Downs Pitt In Backyard Brawl Renewal

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – The WVU Coliseum hosted its first men’s version of the Backyard BasketBrawl in six years, and the home team scored a 69-59 victory over Pitt, its long-time but lapsed rival.

West Virginia guard Beetle Bolden completes the front end of a three-point play

WVU (6-3) led 39-27 at halftime and kept the lead throughout the second half despite some sloppy ballhandling that resulted in a season-high 26 turnovers. Pitt had 24 turnovers itself. The victory was the fifth straight for WVU in a series that has seen 186 meetings. The two played annually from 1918 until West Virginia left the Big East for the Big 12 after the 2012 season. The rivalry went into a hiatus from that point until last year, when the Mountaineers visited Pittsburgh and won 69-60.

Pitt fell to 7-3 with Saturday’s loss.

WVU had 12 blocked shots on the game, including seven by Sagaba Konate. That gave Konate 191 blocks in his career, pushing him into first place on the Mountaineers’ all-time list.

West Virginia will not play for another eight days, as the University has final exams this coming week. The Mountaineers will next be on the court to face Rhode Island (3-3) on Sunday, Dec. 16 in Uncasville, Conn.




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    WVU Downs Pitt In Backyard BasketBrawl Renewal Morgantown, W.Va.–The WVU Coliseum hosted its first men’s version of the Backyard BasketBrawl in six ye
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    Intensity and aggression spiked … finally.

    Still too many mistakes, but great improvement despite the torrent of turnovers, which at times were offset by making Pitt turnover the turnover. WVU turnovers that become WVU points are a bad-good thing!!!

    Less dribbling and more quick passes from player to player, which is tougher to defend than one guy dribbling like a defective Globetrotter.

    Sags was his old self in shot-blocking and on the boards. Bolden is his fiery, aggressive self.

    A lot of works in progress. But a lot of progress in the work they’re doing.

    Pitt at 7-2 wasn’t chopped liver, either.

    I expect Huggs to have them ready for the Big 12. Not to beat Kansas (nobody does) but to be competitive.

    And then have them ready for March Madness. As Huggins does every season.

    I feel much better. Not over-confident. But no longer despondent. Progress. Small steps.

    On to the Rhode Island game a week from Sunday!!!!

    Treadmill and Huggins’ demeanor and words are working at full speed again. I love it!!!!


    Esa with another big game…7 TOs. He’s got to be our all time hyde/jekyll player.


    At times Esa looked like a man among boys. He was very aggressive in the paint at times. Moved well without the ball.
    Then……. the TO’s. He just can’t put the ball on the floor. Don’t let him shoot from deep. He’s now at .208% from behind the arc attempting as many as everybody else except West. Then there’s the lapses when he’s just not in the game. Beetle gets charged with a TO when he hits Esa in the side of the head because he’s not looking. Harler gets a TO when Esa wasn’t expecting a pass in the paint.

    Those few tokes last year must still be fogging up his brain.


    He tries to do what he can’t do sometimes, and that pass off his face was emblematic of his zone outs (Beetle really shouldn’t have passed to him there-he likely couldn’t have got it up court without a turnover)


    that pass from Beetle was the right thing to do. The Pitt defender was positioned on Beetle’s right side forcing him to the left. There was another Pitt defender at 1/2 court on the left. Beetle was going to be forced into another double team trap on the sideline at 1/2 court.

    There was no one in front of Esa. Even Esa could have taken 3 or 4 dribbles to get it over 1/2 court. At least I think he could.


    That’s where we disagree. What makes you think (against past experience) Esa could dribble it that far that quickly? And there were two defenders in the backcourt. One would have cut off Esa, the other would have trapped.

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