WVU Ninth In Latest CFP Ranking

WVU Ninth In Latest CFP Ranking

West Virginia didn’t get as much bounce as it expected, or should have received, in the latest College Football Playoff rankings after its win on the road over ranked Texas.

Despite one of the most impressive performances of the weekend, WVU moved up just four spots in Tuesday evening’s rankings. LSU, which was shut out at home by Alabama and now has two losses on the season, fell just a handful of spots to seventh, while Washington State came in just ahead of the Mountaineers at No. 8.

Oklahoma, at No. 6, is the highest ranked Big 12 team, while Texas is 19th and Iowa State 22nd. North Carolina State, which WVU lost the chance to play due to Hurricane Florence, is 14th. The loss of that game, should it have been a WVU win, might have been a difference in one or two slots in this week’s rankings.

Playoff Selection Committee chair Rob Mullens had this to say about West Virginia:

“Impressive road win versus a ranked Texas team, and we were really impressed with Will Grier’s leadership and the resiliency that the Mountaineers showed, particularly on that last drive, and then the two-point conversion.”

Alabama, Clemson, Notre Dame and Michigan hold the top four spots in this week’s rankings, followed by Georgia at No. 5. Ohio State rounds out the top ten.


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    WVU Ninth In Latest CFP Ranking West Virginia didn’t get as much bounce as it expected, or should have received, in the latest College Football Playof
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    Probably about right but still have a problem with WSU and to a lesser degree LSU (quality wins).

    End of day… doesn’t matter as best case scenario is #4 versus Bama in semis????


    Even some of the ESPN panel were surprised that WVU wasn’t ranked higher.

    The deck looks pretty stacked. Clemson and Notre Dame and Michigan all need to lose. Which isn’t likely. But, in college football, who knows?

    As Dana keeps saying, just win the next game. If WVU is 11-1 and Big 12 champ I’ll be happy even if the Mountaineers are left out of the Football Final Four. That would make it one helluva season.

    And the Texas game, with Greer scooting in for the 2-pointer with NO ONE in the photo with him, will live in my memory forever! I was awake till 3:30 a.m. savoring that classic game. Much like Tavon against Oklahoma, except we lost that one by one, but Tavon still had the greatest individual performance for a Mountaineer in my lifetime.

    M agnificent Grier passes shredded Tennessee, 40-14
    O verhelmed drenched Youngstown, 52-17
    U nable to play North Carolina State because of Hurricane Florence
    N asty defense against Kansas State, 35-6
    T errific, then timid on offense against Texas Tech, 42-34
    A ntsy time for fans, vs. Kansas!, 38-22
    I ncomprehensible insanely indescribably inept offense against Iowa State, 14-30
    N ailed Baylor, 58-14
    E rectile dysfunctioned Texas on 2-point PAT, 42-41
    E viscerate TCU
    R eam Oklahoma State
    S laughter Oklahoma


    Focus on Saturday. Need to have no let down against TCU. Just keep winning.


    I guess I’m OK with Wazzu, but LSU bugs me. Their offense is not good, and that’s excluding the Bama beatdown from that evaluation. Would love to get a shot at them.


    Yes, a bowl against LSU would be about the best thing we could hope for aside from a CFP appearance. The Tigers would be a great matchup for WVU. WVU’s elite offense against their elite defense. Their mediocre offense against WVU’s decent defense.


    The WSU thing bugs me. How the extremely weak P12 keeps getting recognition is beyond belief. WSU is definitely the worst 1L team in the country.

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