WVU Signee Roundup:  Terence Doston

WVU Signee Roundup:  Terence Doston

Terence Doston     WR     5-11 175     Hillsborough HS     Tampa, FL

After a break for the bowl game and the coaching search, we resume our roundups of West Virginia’s Class of 2019 football signees. The spring signing period begins on Wednesday, Feb. 6, which is expected yield some 3-5 additional players to this group.

We also will continue to include the comments of former player personnel director Ryan Dorchester in thes roundups, as those thoughts still apply to the players in the class.

Terence Doston is a multi-sport standout with several qualities that have helped him succeed in football, baseball and track at Hillsborough High school. Speed is his top attribute, which helped him as a deep threat on the football field, and it’s there that he might first make his mark as a Mountaineer.

Terence Doston

At his current size, Doston might appear more suited for a slot receiver position, but with a new coaching staff and new ideas expected to come into play, Doston will be part of a sorting out process to determine the best tactics to take advantage of the talent on hand and incoming into the program. It’s expected that WVU will still use spread concepts, with three, four and even five wide receivers at times, so Doston will have the chance to show what he can do as both an outside and an inside receiver.

In addition to his speed, Doston also shows the makings of a solid foundation of technique. He chops his feet to set up moves and makes clean breaks in and out of cuts. He keeps his hands ready when the ball is released, and adjusts to the ball well when it’s a bit off target, or when a high-point attack is called for.

Doston is also an accomplished kick return threat, where he shows balance and a good center of gravity while running the ball. He keeps his hips centered over his feet even when changing direction, and kicks into gear quickly. He runs smoothly, which makes his speed a bit deceptive, but when he gets into open ground it’s tough for opponents to get an angle on him. Finally, despite an upright running style, he is capable of breaking contact after the catch, and won’t go down just because a defender bumps him. With a bit more refinement and some additional strength, he could become a very well-rounded receiver, capable of recording big plays but also operating efficiently in the middle of the field.

Doston will also play baseball at WVU, although it remains to be seen just how the attempt to balance that season with spring football pans out. Current WVU quarterback Trey Lowe was on the baseball roster and dressed for some games a year ago, but did not see any action.

Ryan Dorchester’s Take: “Terence is a fast wideout. Speed was a point of emphasis with the wideouts in this class. We wanted to get guys who could run this year. Last year we got bigger receivers, and this year we wanted to add some speed. After next year we’re going to lose Marcus (Simms), who is sort of that vertical guy for us now, so we want some speed guys who can fill those shoes. Terence is a smart kid, really serious. He’s a ‘Yes sir, no sir’ type of person. He’s not much of a talker, but just goes out and does his job. He’s also a very good athlete, a two sport guy who also will play baseball. He’s going to need to get bigger once he gets here, but once he gets in the weightroom, I think that size will come. I’m not sure if he’s an inside or outside guy. That will work itself out.”

Doston’s Other Offers: Cincinnati, Maryland, Minnesota, North Carolina,  Stanford, Troy, Tulane, Vanderbilt, Western Kentucky, Florida Atlantic, Florida international, Liberty, Appalachian State, UMass, USF

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