WVU Unveils New Look For Football Uniforms

WVU Unveils New Look For Football Uniforms

MORGANTOWN, W.Va.– Blue, gold, white and grey: WVU unveiled new football uniforms at halftime of its spring game Saturday. The jerseys aren’t a radical change from the past, other than the addition of a grey option, though they do contain a new font. As far as the helmets, there is no longer a gold version, as blue and white ones are the only helmets that will be used on game days.

The objective of the uniform design, which has been two years in the making, is far greater than just new uniforms for the Mountaineers’ 18 varsity sports. The process brings a consistent and unified look across the athletic department and provides staff, corporate partners and suppliers with helpful guidelines to support the WVU athletic brand across a wide range of applications and media.

“The opportunity for Nike to work with a tradition-rich program like West Virginia is very exciting,” Nike Senior Director, College Sports Marketing, Kit Morris said. “The history and success of the Mountaineers provide much to inspire us as we continue to seek to become better together. There is no finish line.”

To accompany the iconic Flying WV logo, the GIG process created an exclusive numeral style, wordmarks, color palette, special typography and fonts as well as extended expressions including treatments, patterns and textures solely for WVU Athletics. These new and dynamic elements will allow the athletics department to be creative and flexible across all types of media and provide a look that is solely identified to West Virginia’s team – the Mountaineers.

“I am excited to bring our marks together in a unified look,” Director of Athletics Shane Lyons said. “For the first time in our history, all teams will share the same colors, numbers and wordmarks, which will improve our overall look. I want to thank Nike for its time and commitment to the project and for valuing the West Virginia brand. Being a member of Nike’s GIG process speaks volumes for our department.”

At today’s Gold-Blue-Spring Game, the first element of the Nike GIG process was unveiled with new football uniforms. Other new West Virginia uniforms, including men’s and women’s basketball, will be revealed in the coming months.

Mountaineer football will don the Nike Vapor Untouchable uniform chassis in 2019. The template will give the Mountaineers improved fit and functionally, reduced seams and grab points, shaped inseams, seamless fronts and shoulders to help leverage speed, improved moisture absorption and better all-around comfort with a high-tech light weight design.

The main upgrades to the new chassis from the current Flywire template used since 2013 will be improved fit, better temperature regulation, stronger durability, lighter weight and comfortability.

West Virginia will return to four colors of jerseys and pants for the 2019 campaign after spending the past six seasons using three colors of jerseys and pants. Rejoining blue, gold and white in the color scheme are a gray jersey and pant, which last appeared in game action in 2012.

The 2019 version for football will be Nike’s Steel Gray and is a tribute to the toughness of the hard-working people in the state of West Virginia and the strength that all Mountaineers possess.

Not counting the color of multiple helmets in the equation, the Mountaineers will have the option of 16 different uniform combinations. The number greatly increases to 48 different uniform combinations when the three helmet colors are factored into the uniform set.

More information about WVU’s GIG process and a look at color palettes, fonts, wordmarks, numeral styles and typography along with a complete video and photo gallery of today’s football uniform reveal can be found on WVUsports.com/nike.


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    WVU Unveils New Look For Football Uniforms MORGANTOWN, W.Va.– Blue, gold, white and grey: WVU unveiled new football uniforms at halftime of its spring
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    The numbers still are hard to read! At least for me…from what I could see it didn’t change.


    Numbers look better.   Not great but much better.

    Love the all Blue.  All Grey is next. Grey top/Blue pants next.

    Like it that they ditched the gold helmets.

    Wish they would NEVER use the all yellow.

    All white is my next to last.



    Is that color coordinating socks and shoes in Blue, Yellow, Grey, White????


    Not real impressed, but glad they got rid of the black.  Would of liked to seen every blue white combo.

    Glad to see no gold helmets, but wished they also ditched the gold jerseys and gold pants.

    The pants were too plain also.

    Not of fan of the grays, but I did like the contrasting trim around the numbers on them.


    Thankfully, they got ride of the pickax numbers on the scoreboard as well. No longer will we face “Z” down and “S” yards to go.


    Not a fan of all white. Looks like Penn State. The grey is very light in color so it looks like faded blue.


    I like the simplicity but the numbers are still too cutesy and difficult to read


    I wish the numbers on the white uniforms had gold trim like the gray uniforms.

    If they did that the jerseys would be basically identical to the 90s uniforms

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Home Page forums WVU Unveils New Look For Football Uniforms

Home Page forums WVU Unveils New Look For Football Uniforms